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Here are some ways that we seek to share Jesus with our community & beyond:

  • Through expressing God's love consistently in real ways, by living the message of God’s Word and His love, with compassion for those around us.

  • Through planting the seed by the proclamation of God's Word! Simply put, we believe and share the gospel of Christ!  Through the Word in weekly messages, and as we live our lives as the "Church".

  • Through glorifying God.  Our desire is to point people to Jesus in everything we do.

Our Calling
"To make Disciples" - Through equipping people with the Word and encouraging them to do the work of the ministry. 

Our History

Crosspoint was originally Cumberland Ave Baptist Church.  Over the years the church could no longer keep up with the weekly bills. The church was re-started as Crosspoint Community Church in Sept of 2011.  From that new beginning Pastor Barry has been the lead pastor.  We are continually amazed at what God is doing here at Crosspoint and look forward to what He has for our future.

Our Future

We are praying for God to lead us as we move forward in ministry.  We recently sold our building and have a new place to meet.  We are excited to see what God has next for our church.

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